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Core curricula/modules

  1. Space electronics and remote sensing devices (BA/MA) – 9 ECTS;
  2. Curricula in Processing and Database Creation for Ionosphere Exploration (MA) – 3 ECTS;
  3. Intelligent robotic systems for space exploration (BA/MA) 4ECTS;
  4. CAD tools for design of systems on chip (BA/MA) – 2 ECTS;
  5. Celestial mechanics for space mission engineering (BA/MA) – 2 ECTS;
  6. Advanced Microelectronics: design of custom integrated circuits in CMOS technologies for space applications (BA/MA) – 4 ECTS;
  7. Development of space-grade embedded systems (BA/MA) – 3 ECTS;
  8. Electronic Design and Assembly or Space Systems (BA/MA) – 4 ECTS;
  9. Digital Signal Processing on Satellite Systems (BA/MA) – 2 ECTS; P4
  10. Energy Efficiency of Onboard Systems and Equipment (BA/MA) – 3 ECTS;
  11. Equipment and Innovation Strategy Management (BA/MA) – 3 ECTS; P5
  12. Combined Robotic Platform (BA/MA) – 4 ECTS;
  13. Model based mechatronic systems modelling methodology in conceptual design stage, (BA/MA) – 2 ECTS;
  14. Embedded system and robotic education in a blended learning environment utilizing remote and virtual labs BA/MA) – 2 ECTS;


Transferable curricula/modules

  1. Soft skills for engineers. Knowledge management/ Productivity improvements/ Start-up initiatives for engineers (BA/MA)- 2 ECTS;
  2. Interdisciplinary awareness for engineers (BA/MA) – 1,5 ECTS;
  3. Employability and survival on labor market- 1,5 ECTS; P5/P2
  4. Situational coaching in student based learning (BA/MA)- 1,5 ECTS; P3
  5. Effective communication with groups (BA/MA)- 1,5 ECTS; P4
  6. Practice oriented training module on Engineering Management Methods and
    Business Administration (BA/MA/staff/industrial partners)- 1,5 ECTS
  7. Comprehensive Blended Learning Concept for Teaching Micro Controller Technology (BA/MA) – 1,5 ECTS;